Baby & Me Classes

 Teach babies to swim? Is that even possible?

A lot of people may think that it’s too early for their little ones to start swimming but it’s not. It is NEVER too early to get your child comfortable in the water.
In our classes we teach swimming skills along with being comfortable in the water. Surprisingly enough, with consistent repetition your six month-old CAN learn how to kick and pull at such a young age. The key is repetition and consistency. Take your baby to swim classes every week, continue to practice on your own, and in no time we will get your baby safe and swimming in the water!
BABY & ME CLASSES (SIX TO 36 MONTHS OLD)This is a fun and safe class in a warm water environment for a caregiver and child. This class introduces your baby to kicking, bubble blowing, and submerging underwater. Babies who are already submerging enjoy special bonding time with their caregiver. Through songs and games, little ones learn floating, independence in the water, and up to ten second underwater breath control.
A special class for two-year olds who have completed the Baby & Me curriculum AND demonstrate breath control, strength, and independence in the water. Admission to this class is by referral from Baby & Me teachers only. The goal is to increase swimming distance to seven feet and begin the process of obtaining an independent breath in the water. Parents stay on deck throughout this course.

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