9 to 11yr old information

FOR: Children with no swim experience
GOAL: Learn a natural, relaxed, effective stroke for
swimming 20 feet at their natural buoyancy level.
 Beginner-II-swimmer-five (1)
FOR: Children who can swim 20 feet
GOAL: swim 40 feet while using independent breathing
TEACHES: kneeling dives
FOR: Children who can swim a full pool length
GOAL: Rollover breathing while swimming a pool length
TEACHES: standing dives


In the Intermediate classes, the students have mastered the stroke techniques and water safety skills taught in Beginner classes. They will expand their skills, working on full-length swimming techniques, more advanced strokes, and breathing skills.  


FOR: Swimmers who can swim 40 feet with independent rollover breathing
GOAL: Work on surface dives, unilateral breathing, and swim 75 feet with unilateral breathing


FOR: Swimmers who are efficiently swimming 75 feet
GOAL: Swim freestyle with unilateral breathing for 100 feet and elementary backstroke for 100 feet


In the Advanced classes, the students have developed a comprehensive set of skills, including stroke and breathing techniques, and are developing towards a more competitive level of swimming.


FOR: Swimmers who are already swimming with bilateral breathing and elementary backstroke
GOALS: Competitive freestyle with bilateral breathing for 200 feet, backstroke for 100 feet, and breaststroke for 100 feet.






FOR: Swimmers who meet the goals of the Advanced I program
GOAL: Swim the competitive butterfly stroke 200 feet


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