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Adult Swimming Programs


In 1969, Paul Oberle began developing his method of teaching swimming to adults. Paul found that many of his students who wanted to learn to scuba could not swim. The early days of scuba did not include equipment such as inflatable vests, therefore swimming skill requirements were much more rigid.
Paul discovered that by initially putting a non-swimmer in an LSV, mask, snorkel, and fins to develop their confidence, and then reversing the process and removing the equipment one piece at a time, a person learned to swim with confidence.
You will begin by wearing an LSV inflatable vest (you cannot possibly sink) while learning the freestyle and many more in-water techniques. You will be amazed as your confidence builds.
It’s as easy as 1..2..3

1. Call 888-99-SCUBA (72822) to schedule an orientation

2. Come watch an Adult swim class and see the fun

3. Schedule a class and be on your way to learn to swim!

 Orientation Session

All prospective students are highly encouraged to first come to an orientation before making the decision to enroll in our program. Simply contact the Swim School and let the staff know that you are interested in an Adult Orientation.
One of our staff will take you to the class, explain to you what you are seeing and how our methods work. If you feel the program is right for you one of our staff members will help you finish the required paperwork and have you swimming in the next class!
Adult I
is a class for adults who currently do not know how to swim and may have a healthy fear of water. In this class you will learn how to back float, tread water, and complete a 65 foot swim. Depending on comfort level, some students may be required to own a mask and snorkel to develop confidence in the water. 
Adult II
is a class for those who can already perform the goals of the adult beginners class and want to focus more on technique and advanced strokes. In this class you will learn new strokes such as the freestyle, elementary and competitive backstroke, breaststroke, and the butterfly stroke if you desire. You can also learn flip turns and racing dives. This class is great for students wishing to compete in triathlons or learn more advanced strokes.